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As its name suggests, is a Calmenta Mental Calculation software.

unnamed (1)It is intended for elementary school students and colleges. It is also widely used by adults who want to improve their mental arithmetic skills.

It addresses all the themes of mental arithmetic: Addition, Soustractions, Multiplication Tables, elementary multiplications, divisions with and without rest, Complements … and a verification module operations and three sets of calculation known lovers. Calmenta is Shareware. The distributed version is a flanged version that does not offer all the possibilities of the full version. After receiving your payment, an unlock code will give you access to all the options that are currently grayed in the drop.

You are currently reading the help file distributed with the mental calculation software CALMENTA ..
numbers-1336520_1920There is a version for Win 3.1 or version for Win 95 or 98. In order to operate, does not need Calmenta resources of 0407aspirejpg-tmagArticlethe Visual Basic 4 32-bit environment. This release (and subsequent potential) is developed under VB 3.0 16-bit environment. It works perfectly in all environments, and is even faster than the previous 32-bit versions. Read the differences between this version and the previous one .. This help is context-sensitive help. Inside the software, pressing the F1 key or the HELP button button will return you to the appropriate page for help .. General principle for using .. Addition Subtraction Multiplication • Tables • Mental multiplication • The double and triple • the Multiple Division Supplement Games operations Checking Shareware and registration

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