Developments Calmenta

September 20: Version 3.61

Two small mods:

unnamed (2)Remove the small box of welcome at the beginning of the program. This little box fl its OK were sources of error in some schools that utilisnt Calmenta.

In order not to give a chance to the cheaters, now a validated answer is no longer accessible. Unable to give a new answer after seeing the good result! I know whose score will drop !!!

April 13: Version 3.60 is online.

Here are the improvements you can find very quickly …

New way to treat certain routines in order to make the lightest and fastest program.
The “Multiple” was revised. Images and drawings that appeared no longer appear and are replaced by the inscriptions “YES” and “NO”, more easily understood.
The printing of the results problematic. Versions 3.0 and 3.03 and the 3.1x version for win 95 proposed a print B & W by screenshot. Many people criticized me this type of printing. From version 3.50, the printing of results was done using a small-ticket summary of the work. Again, blame … This version 3.60 offers the choice. You decide on the home page (CALMENTA / Print Type) the method that suits you best. (Printing screenshot is now done in color)
popular-math-mathematic-enrichment-class-singapore-parenting-family-which-one-best-cma-kumon-mpm-math-monkey-psle-maths-jei-kiasu-parent-forum-comparison-review-blog-9Implementation of the new Calmenta.ini file now has an entry for the type of printing chosen.
All modules now have the focus, rather than left-aligned operations.
April 1: Uploading of Version 3.59

Removal of the cross in the top right corner of the preparation window. Click on that cross caused a crash.
Fixed the link to the site
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March 24: Version 3.58

Changing the Software Update link. (placement );
Added ability to send an E-Mail to author Calmenta in the menu;
Fixed a bug reported (division / single quotient / 10 by which no reply.).
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March 15: Version 3.57

Mental MathCorrects the heading Checking / division where the division by zero was not treated;
Small change about sounds;
Change in the display of stacked pages.
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January 5: Version 3.56

Added price in Euros (15.25)
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